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Hall Lane Flowers

We moved to our half acre plot here in Witnesham near Ipswich in January 2019.  The house had been empty for eight years and we had a wilderness to tame.  The previous owners had been keen environmentalists and the garden was home to many creatures including deer! We no longer have deer but we have an active colony of moles who keep me in topsoil!    Working with nature to keep the soil healthy and the invertebrates happy we have a very natural plot with an orchard and large wildlife pond.   You may be forgiven for thinking it looks a mess - but its an organised, deliberate mess.  

I start my season in February with narcissi, hellebores, tulips and blossom. April and May is always exciting and busy as it's ranunculus season!

From June onwards it's flower heaven including sweet peas and peonies, annuals and perennial flowers a plenty. Of course, from July we have the ever popular dahlia which takes up to the first frosts.  Into December we have chrysanthemums from the greenhouse and wreath workshops!  

In January we rest and plan for the coming year!

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